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March 27 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter To the Pointe

1. I will send home printed packets this week, please take the time to look at them. Within the packet are

· name lists I need to make sure that I am spelling your dancers name correctly for the program and end of year awards, If I’ve left your dancers name off by accident please let me know!

· t-shirt lists I need to make sure that I have guessed the correct size for your dancers t-shirt. If I’ve left your dancers name off by accident please let me know. Some kids like them tighter, some looser and I might not know this about your dancer.

· Costume essentials – items your dancer needs that are not part of the costume package.

· Please let me know any changes in writing. So much goes on at class that I don’t always remember what I’m told .

2. Invoices: if you have any open invoices they will be printed out and included in the packet. You can pay through the website or give me a check.

3. This week we had 7 new dancers join us for our Dazzlers Ballet and Jazz class. It was delightful to meet them and to begin to teach them their skills and dances. Welcome to the VDS family.

4. Sparklers finished learning their tap dance for recital! They are pretty proud of themselves as they should be.

5. Skills: Comets, Meteors, Constellation and Dazzler jazz have been working on their scorpion stretches, leg holds, splits, leaps and cartwheels and handstands. Sparklers have been working on shuffle ballchange., and leaps. Constellation is conquering Maxiford turns! Our new Dancely song is Ballerina Bunny.

6. Me: I tripped over a rug in my home on Tuesday and injured my left shoulder. X rays showed that it’s not broken and that the joint is slightly separated. It’s quite painful and limits my use of that arm but each day it’s a bit better. I’m finding it hard to change my shoes so you might see me teaching in my tennis shoes this week. No more rugs!

Recital will be Sunday, June 5th at 2pm. In the 3rd floor theatre of the temple. If you have someone attending in a wheelchair please let me know so that I can arrange to have someone who is qualified to run the elevator available. I’m not.


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