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May 1 Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter

1. Invoices will run through Autopay on May 10th. If you have a printed invoice attached to this newsletter you will need to pay it directly either through the website parent portal or by sending in a check. Please make sure all invoices are paid before recital so that I do not have to deal with that stress.

2. Arbor Court: what a nice performance we did! I was so proud of all the dancers! The costumes looked great, dances were remembered, and the residents were so delighted. Many thank you’s before I left!

3. Many thanks to Reese’s brother who took photos. He did a great job for being randomly handed my phone and told “take pictures!” I have edited them to focus on the dancers

4. May 7th Picture Day! Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your time. Some clients have told me they lost the highlighted form I send home so I will post on both Band app and the Website under Recitals and Performances.

5. May 14th Holiday Resort 3pm – remember everyone must wear masks at this home and we will not be allowed to greet our audience this time.

6. Hair /makeup note: some clients have told me that they have lost this highlighted note I send home so I will add it to Band and the website under Recitals and performances.

7. DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY NOTES: This week I am sending home printed Dance Choreography for each dancer. You may wonder what you are supposed to do with this. Practice reading with your dancer, help them practice, put in scrapbook or in your dance notebook (dance notebook helps with the lost note situation.) Alumni have told me how much they enjoy looking back at their choreography and the memories it brings.

8. Tights for Dazzlers Starlight are being delivered this week.

9. LABEL EVERYTHING!! As we do performances and get ready for recital please remember to label every part of your dancers items. I try to teach them “off your foot and into your bag” but in excitement doesn’t always happen.

10. Next year: here is the link for the interest / pre reg form for the 2022-23 season. No fees needed, just helps me to plan.


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