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May 15 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. INVOICES ran on May 10th. If you have a printed invoice, it means attached it means that the autopay did not go through, and you will need to pay directly either by going on line to pay or by sending in a check for the amount. Please make sure all invoices are paid by recital. If you have a problem paying, please email me and we can set something up.

2. Holiday Resort Performance was delightful! We had about 50% of our dancers in attendance and the residents quite enjoyed the program. Thank you for bringing your dancers on a very busy weekend. Kristina and I went out for Dairy Queen blizzards afterwards! After the performance I visited with a lady whose children had danced with me when they were children. She thanked us for coming out and said several times how much she enjoyed it.

3. We have nothing planned on the weekends until recital as I know there are a ton of graduations, and other special events.

4. I love my small studio! I have no desire to be a big studio again, but I would like to reach those who are looking for a small non-competitive family studio. If you would like to leave a review on our google site please use this link.

5. I see that the Journal is doing their “best of / favorite “thing again. VDS is not a huge studio so there is no chance of “winning” but if you fill out their survey, I’d appreciate the vote.

6. I’m working on the photo day pictures and hope to finish this week or next.

7. Devin Frederking will be the videographer for recital again this year. I will be sending home an order form as soon as he gets it to me. Last year he offered DVD and digital downloads.

8. Recital t-shirts went home last week. These are to be worn for the finale number so make sure to pack them in the recital bag. Dancers are welcome to wear them to school, etc before recital. I know they like showing them off. Shirts by Francis did a great job on the design and printing!

9. HAVE A GREAT WEEK! We will be working on our memorization of our dances, boosting our confidence, and cleaning up things like arms this week. I know it s last week of school and the weather is nice, but attendance these last 3 weeks is important for the dancer.


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