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May 21 Vivette’s Dance Studio

This is week 35 of our season!

1. Invoices – if you have an invoice attached it is open, and did not go through autopay. My printer was fighting me last week and I did not get invoices attached. I would really like to have al accounts wrapped up by recital as I have my surgery on June 12.

2. Performances! Dancers did a great job at Arbor Court, so proud of our 3 Dazzler classes making their debut. The residents loved it and are so happy that we come out of our way to perform for them. I really appreciate parents taking the time out of your weekend to support your child in their activities.

3. Our next performance is Sat May 27th 3pm at Holiday Resort. The address is 2825 Resort Drive. They have a tile floor so our tap dances will be heard! I know many can not make it but if you can at all, please do, it’s good for both the dancer and the watchers.

4. We are regular schedule in studio this week May 22-25.

5. Next week May 29-June 1 is different. Last week of classes will be n the theatre with a different schedule to save my knee.Please be on time, I simply can’t go down and up the stairs more than once. No costumes, just regular leotards. We’ll show dancers the stage, where they will sit to watch, where they will put their belongings, and practice their dances on the stage. We don’t do formal dress rehearsals as we have already had 3 performances but it’s good to see the stage are, etc. Parents are welcome to come along. I will also give out gift bags at the end of time when we go downstairs to the studio again.

Monday – Dazzlers ballet and Jazz – 5:00-6:00

Tuesday – Sparklers and Comets 1 – 6:00-7:00

Wed – Dazzlers Starlets and Comets 2 – 5:45 -7:00

Thursday – Meteors and Constellation and Hip Hop – 5:00-6:30 (7 dancers to practice)

Adults: decided that Tuesday would be best time to run dances

6.i handed out the invitation tickets last week, any dancers not there should have in todays packets. If you want more please ask and I’ll send you the link to print. These are just invitations, tickets are not needed to attend, we don’t charge admission. We will be collecting donations for the new elevator project “The Big Lift”.

7. Even though it’s almost the end of the season if you haven’t downloaded the free Band app and joined our group its still useful. It’s hard for me to answer so many texts about hair/makeup/ what time we perform when I am busy with other studio things. I don’t mind, I truly don’t, but there are so many places to find the information, on our website under performances tab, on band, on the notes I send home. Here is the invite code once you have downloaded the free app. Plus all the cute photos a re on the app

8. I’m working on the photos will probably put the flash drives in the dances gift bags if I don’t hand out before.


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