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May 23 Newsletter Vivette’s Dance Studio

Next to last week May 23-26

Final week May 30- June 5

1. CLASSES – yes, we have classes on Monday May 31 for the Dazzler dancers. I know it’s Memorial Day but I’m hoping they will be able to come to class. Let me know if you are not coming.

LAST WEEK – we will be going up to the theatre to see the stage so that the dancers are familiar with it. To save my knees from having to walk up the flights so many times things are a bit different

MONDAY May 30th – Dazzlers – we will rehearse in studio till 5:00 then both Dazzler classes will walk up to the theatre. So, the jazz kids need to be here before 5pm. We will then come down and finish the jazz class

TUESDAY: June 1 We will begin the Startlets in the studio, Sparklers need to come early by 5:30. At 5:30 we will walk up the stairs, we will finish Sparkers in the studio at regular time

WED –June 2 as soon as all dancers are here we will go up to the theatre, then finish class in the studio

THURSDAY June 3 = I would like Khloe, Rena, and Anabelle to come at 4:30 with Lexi and Zoe. We will go upstairs to see the theatre and come back down to work together for final practices of the dances. We will finish at 6:30 this day.

Parents: we will be walking, no elevator so don’t bring strollers etc.

Recital on June 5 is our final activity of the season. I’m having a knee replacement on my right knee on the 13th and will spend the summer rehabbing. I’ll send out registration information in August, and we will start after Labor Day.

1. I am sending home the flash drives with the photo’s this week so ask your dancer for them. You may print, post, share etc.

2. I am sending home a page of invitation tickets with each dancer. It’s fun to invite your friends and relatives to see your recital.

Recital: Please arrive between 2:30-2:45 so that dancers have time to settle. Bring them dressed in their 1st costume.

Starlets – ballet,

Dazzlers – Ballet and Jazz, are in 2nd half of program, will watch

Sparklers – tap 1st, change to ballet,

Comets – ballet 1st, change to tap, change to black leotard, tan tights for Boogie Swing. Put underliner on 1st, then tights

Meteors: Ballet 1st, change to tap with tan tights, change to jazz, change to black leotard for Boogie Swing

Constellation: Ballet 1st, change to Jazz, change to tap, Anabelle Hip hop, change to black leotard for Boogie Swing,

Adults: Ballet 1st, Jazz 2nd, Veil 3rd, Classical Indian 4th

Dancers will gather in the left atrium, they will be escorted to seats to watch much of the program.

Dancers with multiple costumes should bring a laundry basket…costumes come off body and into the basket, easier for kids to deal with than garment bags,

Please label EVERYTHING. Remember to bring the t-shirt for the finale.

Parents will not need to be “backstage” to change your child unless I have spoken to you about it. We want you to enjoy the show.

After the last dance dancers will return to the atrium to sit in their designated space until their parents get them, they have been instructed not to go look for you.

There will be a photo backdrop in the lobby of the theatre for you to take pre and post photos.


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