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May 28 2023 Vivettes Dance

1. This is week 36 of our dance season. We finished the season with no snow days and me only sick one day, Yay!

2. Invoices – still a few open invoices, please get these caught up.

3.. Photo’s - flash drives are in gift bag. If you did not order and still want, tell me now so I can get done and in gift bag. The week after recital is full for me and the 2nd week I’ll be out of commission with my knee replacement and won’t be able to work on anything.

4. Performances! As we finish up our year let’s look back. We performed at Arbor Court and Holiday Resort in November, the Mayor’s Christmas Party and our Winter Recital in December, Arbor Court and Smoky Hill Rehab in January, and Arbor Court, Smoky Hill Rehab and Holiday Resort this May. 9 performances plus our big spring recital! Our dancers are truly performers! They have learned to adapt to different places, spaces and classmates being absent, some have performed solo and been brave and resilient.

5. Rehearsals this week with altered schedule. Please, please be on time. We will wait a few minutes before going upstairs to the 3rd floor theatre. Littles should have a grownup with them. Giftbags are in the studio when dancers leave.

· . No costumes, just regular leotards and shoes.

· We’ll show dancers the stage, where they will sit to watch, where they will put their belongings, and practice their dances on the stage. We don’t do formal dress rehearsals as we have already had 3 performances but it’s good to see the stage area, backstage, , etc.

· Parents are welcome to come along. I will also give out gift bags at the end of time when we go downstairs to the studio again.

· On Tuesday, I will not go down the stairs to release as I have the adults coming in so I will make sure that any dancer without a parent has another adult to walk them downstairs and out the door.

Monday – Dazzlers ballet and Jazz – 5:00-6:00

Tuesday Sparklers and Comets 1 – 6:00-7:00 / Adults 7:00-8:00 ish

Wed – Dazzlers Starlets and Comets 2 – 5:45 -7:00 (will probably let littles go early,)

Thursday – Meteors and Constellation and Hip Hop – 5:00-6:30 (7 dancers to practice)

6. I am in need of someone to “babysit” the music computer during recital as I lost that helper this week. The playlist will just run but I need someone there in case I have to stop for something like a bathroom emergency. Perhaps a teen brother or sister wouldn’t mind?

7. Video – DVD and digital download. I’m not sure If I can “attach” the form to this newsletter. If not I’ll send a 2nd email. I’ll also print out forms to have available at rehearsals this week. You deal directly with Mr. Frederking. He will deliver DVDs to me and I’ll set a pick up date when he does.

8. During the recital the dancers will be sitting in a special section to watch so that Connie and Kristina know where to get them for line up. Please do not take them anywhere else to sit or we will panic. All the dancers but the Starlets are capable of changing their own shoes and costumes. Starlets don’t change anything so it’s all good. Don’t forget to bring the recital t-shirt for the final number.

9. I have a small student desk to give away, let me know if you are interested. I need it out of my basement.

10. We will be accepting donations for the elevator fund at recital, so tuck a little cash in your pocket, hoping to raise between $300-$500.


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