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May 29 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

May 29 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

What can I say today that I haven’t already said? I know I talk, and type a lot.

I may have to send an update later in the week about which doors we are using on Sunday. I need to connect with several people to clear that up. I “think” because we have several who need to use the elevator and the chair lift that we will use the red doors and the stairs up across from the entrance. I will triple check that.

Dancers are ready! They are excited to perform.

1. This week we will be hiking up the stairs to see the stage area. Last week’s newsletter had the changes for the week but I will copy here to make it easy for you. Please be on time as once I’ve gone up the stairs, I can’t come down again just to let a late comer in, my knee won’t take it.


MONDAY May 30th – Dazzlers – we will rehearse in studio till 5:00 then both Dazzler classes will walk up to the theatre. So, the jazz kids need to be here before 5pm. We will then come down and finish the jazz class

TUESDAY: June 1 We will begin the Starlets in the studio, Sparklers need to come early by 5:30. At 5:30 we will walk up the stairs, we will finish Sparkers in the studio at regular time

WED –June 2 as soon as all dancers are here we will go up to the theatre, then finish class in the studio

THURSDAY June 3 = I would like Khloe, Rena, and Anabelle to come at 4:30 with Lexi and Zoe. We will go upstairs to see the theatre and come back down to work together for final practices of the dances. We will finish at 6:30 this day.

2. I am also handing out our end of the year awards this week

3. Setting up chairs and decorating stage: This is up in air too. I know we will do it Saturday but I’m waiting on confirmation of our time. A few helpers will make this go so fast!

4. After classes this week please check to make sure you have everything your dancer needs in one place. Costume with all parts, tights, shoes, hair stuff (donuts, hairbands, pins, hairnets, hairspray), recital t-shirt., black leotard if in Boogie Swing or All Star.

5. On Sunday give dancer a light lunch, nothing greasy, turkey sandwich or PBJ are great before a performance. If you can, limit water so dancer doesn’t have to potty several times. Bring Dancers between 1:30 and 1:45. Don’t be late and make me worry!

6. Talk about how excited you are, how much fun it will be, etc. We’ve done so many shows this year that it should be familiar to them.

7. After the recital, pick your dancer up in the atrium, take lots of photos, and do something fun to celebrate, ice cream, dinner, etc.

I will be working the Lost and found booth at the Festival all 4 days. Stop by and say hi!

My knee surgery is June 13th.

Dance will begin after Labor Day. We will have a shoe fitting and sale day in August as we did last year.


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