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May 5th VDS newsletter

Photo Day went so well! All the dancers looked beautiful! Mr. Josh said we took “thousands” of photos. He will convert them to a jpg format for me and I will start putting them into files and then onto flash drives for those who ordered.  I hope to have it ready by last week.  I was impressed with how clean and neat you all left the studio! Thank you. 


All dances are finished!   We finished learning the last dance this week and will spend this month polishing our choreography and memorization and feeling confident!  For those that are new, I do stand on the corner of the stage with the little ones.  I want them to enjoy the experience and not feel anxious. 



Calendar dates

·         May 10th final tuition payment due.  

·         May 18th probable performance at Arbor Court,  waiting on confirmation.

·         May 27-31 the last week of classes we will go upstairs to practice on the stage, the elevator is not available except for recital. Let me know as soon as possible of any conflicts. We will meet in the studio and go up together so please try to be on time.

·         Tuesday: 5:30-6:30 Sparklers and Monday Dazzlers

·         Wed: 5:30-7:00  Starlets and Comets (Starlets released around 6:15- maybe earlier

·         Thur 4:00-6:00 Hip Hop,  Meteors and Constellation – We will practice hip hop 1st and release JayDrean and Gracelynn, then work our way through the other dances. Mrs. Sheffield, Kennadi’s mom, has offered to pick up anyone who needs a ride. Please let me know if your dancer needs a ride due to early start.


Recital: Sunday June 2nd, 2pm. Upstairs in 3rd floor theatre. – Short and sweet, about 1 hr.

·         Reminder that we do not sell tickets to our recital, your dancer may invite as many people as they want. I will send home invitation tickets for them to hand out this week.

·          Our theatre, as is the entire Temple, is on the historic register. We ask that you not bring any drinks other than water into the theatre. We are using one of the historic backdrops this year.  A spilled soft drink can be disastrous.


Our recital will be video’d and available for purchase through Frederking Video. Devin is getting

married June 1st but he has arranged for a videographer to cover for him. Last year he offered both DVD and digital versions. You may video your child, but we remind you to be respectful of the people

sitting behind you.


I don’t have an order form for the video yet, maybe by next week.


T-shirts are coming this week … I think. 



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