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May 8th Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter

1. Invoices – will run May 10th for our final tuition installment Parents who ordered recital t-shirts the price was $16.11 with sales tax. That will also go through May 10th.

2. Picture day was wonderful. So many smiles! It went so smoothly, thank you to all the moms, grands and dads who helped their dancers get there. We took photos of every dancer so if you didn’t think you wanted individuals and changed your mind, just let me know. Such wonderful memories! Costumes are lovely and I’m giving myself a pat on the back for keeping the price low and yet having such cute costumes. It will take me a week or two to get all the photos grouped and onto the flash drives.

3. Sorry about the door not working for some. It was set to be unlocked from 9:3-1 but it seemed to only let in every other person. Someday we will have the new entrance with the elevator and …. just need several million to accomplish that!

4. This Saturday May 14th we have a performance at Holiday Resort at 3pm. Admin there have asked us to wear masks and to limit the “extra” people who come. We will not greet the audience but just wave after final bow.

5. No plans for May 21 or 28 as I think there are several graduations etc.

6. Recital is Sunday, June 5th 2pm in the 3rd floor theatre. No admission charge you may bring as many friends and relatives as you wish. I know we are different from the other studios who charge admission, but I cover my expenses of the theatre rental, programs, etc, etc with the recital fee and just like to keep it simple.

7. Recital t-shirts. I will be handing out recital t-shirts this week. Your dancer may wear them to school and wherever. They are worn at recital for the last dance so make sure that you put your dancers name in it.

8. Next year. We will resume classes in September. I am having knee surgery this summer so as planned will be taking the summer off to rehab. To pre-reg/ claim your space for next year use this google drive link

9. Happy Mother’s Day to all our dancers’ moms, stepmoms, grandmom’s and more! Have a great day!


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