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Nov. 14th VDS Newsletter

Nov 14 VDS Newsletter

1) Auto Pay went through on the 10th. If you do not see a withdrawal on your account you may use the parent portal to pay directly or bring me a check. Please do not bring cash, I don’t have a secretary and cash is harder to keep from making mistakes with. When I have a working printer that doesn’t suck up ink like a sponge, hopefully in a few weeks, I can go back to printing out monthly statements.

2) Recital fees of $50 per dancer/ $70 per family will go through auto pay on Nov. 30th. Dancewear ordered this week will go through on the 30th unless you email me for a different date.

3) Emails/ Newsletters: I’m trying hard to be “green” and use digital over print but I do realize that many people just don’t seem to have the time to read emails, so I’m posting on the website also. Just click on the newsletter tab at

4) PERFORMANCE this Saturday 3pm 200 Diamond Drive at the “Fez-tival of Trees”. As always this is an “opt-out” performance, I assume your dancer will be there unless you tell me no. I know 3 dancers will not be there so far, Koraline, Analbelle and Lexi. I will be giving a ticket to each dancer that I know is going, this admits one adult and the dancer. Should be a fun Christmasy afternoon, vendors, decorated trees to see and snacks for sale. Dancers need to be there by 2:40 to get their costume skirt from me.

Meteors and Constellation dancer need a Santa Hat for Dance With Me Santa.

5) We will repeat this performance at the Mayor’s Christmas Party on December 5th, at the Tony’s Event Center time to be announced. I chatted with the director this week and they are making some accomodations due to Covid such as using the entire space not just half, moving Santa out into the main lobby and having Santa available the whole time etc.

6) I began sending home some banner triangles for the dancers to color and return on Wednesday and Thursday. Mon and Tuesday dancers will get theirs this week. I hope to have a colorful banner of the dancers art to display!

7) We welcomed 5 new dancers to our studio family this week! I appreciate the recomendations!

8) Mutt School is apparently using the lower level on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a while. I was given a compliment on how well behaved my dancers are by an attendee. Nice to hear, but I’m not surprised, I have the greatest kids as part of our studio family.

9 )I’m hoping to have a small casual recital of our Christmas songs on Dec. 18th in the studio room. I’m still trying to work out the details ...1 show or two...times etc.

10) BTW did you know that if you rent the Temple for an event like a wedding/ anniversary party etc that you can also get all the table decorations/ tableclothes etc for free? Jenn our events director as has a whole room packed with vases, etc. That’s a huge savings! I really wasn’t aware of this perk till recently so thought I’d pass the word on.

11) FYI I will be working with the Vagabond Players on Wednesday evenings from7-9 as choreographer for “Deck the Halls” a dinner theatre spoof/farce to be held at Martinelli’s Jan 5 & 6. I’m looking forward to it! So, if you see some adults hanging outside the studio on Wed it’s just the Players.

12. Glass Services promised (again) to install mirrors “soon”. Once that is done, I’ll ask for some help to move and tape down the marley flooring. They are understaffed and backed up so I’m being patient. Patience is a virtue.....


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