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Nov 21st VDS Newsletter

Nov 21 Newsletter

1. BAND : I know you don’t need another app but you need this one. So many people tell me they are not getting the emails so I’m going to use Band more in hopes of getting communication more streamlined! Communication is important so that everyone knows what they need to know but I just can’t call or text everyone. You need to check your email or Band or the website.

Band is a FREE app (looks like a green square with rounded corners that I use for photo’s and video’s, newsletters, calendars, polls and other communication about our dancers. It’s restricted to those I approve so it’s very safe. This is the link for this year’s group VDS 2021-22

2. RECITAL FEE of $50 for single student, $20 for each additional sibling will draw through autopay on Nov. 30th. I don’t sell tickets for our recitals this is easier on all! Recital fee includes admission for unlimited number of guests, t-shirt for dancer and year end awards. If this is not a good day to have it draw, please give me an alternative and I will fix it. Twinkle Tots do not participate in recital so no recital fee.

3. COSTUME FEE of $50 per dancer will draw on Dec. 15th. I’m being creative, and resourceful. If I have to go over I’ll bill in Feb or March. Twinkle Tots do not participate in recital so no costume fee. $50 is really low for costumes this year (ask your friends wo go to other studios!) but I am confident that I can come close and still have the dancers feeling special and fancy.

4. FEZTIVAL OF TREES: The dancers did a wonderful job. I received so many compliments! We were asked back for next year already! Thank you for those who came out, I know it was a busy weekend. If you took pictures, please share them with me. I got 2 before we began but I missed some late comers.

5. MAYOR’S CHRISTMAS PARTY: Dec. 5th, Tony’s Pizza Event Center - still don’t have a time assigned to us yet. Just keep checking Band, website and email. There is no admission for this it’s totally free. After we perform (or maybe before depending on time) your children will be able to visit a Santa, make crafts, etc.

6. CALENDAR ALERT! CASUAL CHRISTMAS RECITAL December 18th in the studio. Dancers from Monday and Tuesday classes, including Twinkle Tots, will show you dancers we have learned at 10am.

Dancers in Wed and Thursday classes will perform at 11am.

Seating for parents will be casual, on the floor, or on folding chairs.

7. Holiday closings:

Thanksgiving - closed Wed Nov 24th and Thur Nov. 25

Christmas closing: Dec 18th will be our last December meeting, classes will resume on Mon Jan 3rd.

8. Twinkle Tots Session 3 will begin on Monday Jan 3 or Tues Jan 4 with some new songs and a few old ones for continuity.

9. Our Studio Elf Snowflake Sparkles will be returning to the studio after Thanksgiving! She’s a very sweet elf, not the least bit naughty!


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