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November 13 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. Invoices ran through on the 10th. Thank you!

2. Please make sure you update your account if you have a change of address, email, phone etc. A dancer mentioned last week that the address on the invoice was not her address….

3. Our Holiday Resort performance went well. We only had about half the dancers due to illness and other things but we had at least

one dancer for every dance and the residents were so happy that we came. I try to tell the dancers how much their performances mean to the residents but I’m not quite sure they get it fully. Thank you to the parents for bringing the dancers to the performances. I only took a few photo’s so please, if you took some forward onto me either through email, text or Band. Especially proud of Kynlee and Natalie who performed their 1st solo’s.

4. Dancers are working on our holiday dances now. December gets busy so I try not to schedule care home shows in December, instead we do them in Jan/ Feb as the residents don’t care what we perform to, only that we are there.

5. Calendar dates:

Wed Nov 23 and 24 Closed for Thanksgiving. My daughter Lisette is coming home and I’m so excited to see her after a long absence. My bonus daughter Kristina who has been helping at the shows will be here also, so double joy.

Sunday Dec 11 – Mayor’s Christmas Party performance – I don’t know what time we will perform it is scheduled from 2-4 so sometime in there.

Sat Dec. 17 – Winter recital in studio.10:30 – very casual. We make room for parents to sit in chairs or on the floor.

I’ve been asked about the Shriners Christmas forest and I haven’t heard from them. I’ll try to track someone down and see about it as it was fun last year.

Winter Parade – nope – we won’t be doing it…too cold, not as much fun for dancers to be in it as to watch it.

6. Illness – thank you so much for keeping sick dancers home. I’m putting video’s of work learned filmed from the back so dancers can catch up at home. 3 of my dancers currently have Covid so do be cautious!

7. Boilers were turned on in the building this weekend. Our room doesn’t have a direct heat source (other than the space heaters ) but when the boilers are on (directly underneath us) our room gets toasty. A sweater or sweatshirt to wear for a bit is fine, but please don’t put shirts under the leotards!

Have a wonderful week!


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