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November 27 2022 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. Costumes – I’ve ordered the majority of the costumes, got a few on fabulous sale. I’ll be working on putting up the actual cost invoices and deleting the guesstimate deposit invoices this week. If it says “actual cost” you can pay on line, if invoice says “do not pay online” please give me a check..

I will be adding a few items as time goes on like the Meteors tap/jazz costume which will probably be a swimsuit type , and will invoice those as I find them.

On Wed I’ll be trying on the leotards that are the basis of the Comet’s 2 ballet / tap costumes for size before I start making the costumes. I will need to add a bit later to their invoice as fabric I need is seasonal and not available yet. Won’t be much but I like to be upfront as no one likes financial surprises. It’s actually quite fun for me to be creative and not just order a costume from a book.

2. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with husband, my daughter who came from Lenexa, my bonus daughter and a friend who found herself alone due to family illness. Pretty quiet, we ate, visited the crystal shop and bought a few pretty stones and watched some Hallmark movies. I hope yours was as fulfilling.

3. Upcoming performances:

1) Sunday Dec. 11 Mayors Christmas Party at the Tony’s Event Center. We were chosen to be the 1st performers at 2:15, so please arrive at 2:00 to get costumes on and stretch etc. All dancers will wear their black leotard, and pink tights. Meteors and Constellatiion asked to wear pj pants for their tap dance. Please make sure that if the legs are long that you have pinned them up to danceable level.

We will do all ballet’s first then tap 2nd, going youngest to oldest.

Hair in buns or low pony tail, hair bows etc are fine. No makeup necessary unless you want to put a bit of lip gloss or glitter on your dancers cheeks.

Please feel free to take photo’s and video as I’ll be busy with the dancers!

2) Winter Recital in the studio – Sat , Dec 17th in the Studio 10:30. It will be casual and possibly a bit crowded but so much fun. Dancers should arrive at 10:15 to get skirts and costumes on. Like the mayor’s Christmas party black leotards, pink tights.

3) Winter break : The studio will be closed from after the recital through jan 2. Classes resume on Tuesday Jan. 3rd.

4) New class – I’m hoping to start a new class for 3-4 yr olds beginning in January. If you have friends with children this age please recommend me.


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