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Oct 23rd Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

Oct 23rd Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. Invoices – if you have an invoice attached to this newsletter you may pay online or give me a check. Once “failed” through autopay it won’t run automatically again.

2. Costume deposits – I mentioned these in an earlier newsletter and I’m working on it.

3. Upcoming performance – Sat. Nov. 5th 3pm at Arbor Court. Program will last about 30 minutes. Please stay until all dances have been performed unless. All dancers will be learning our “finale” this week. If your dancer cannot attend, please email or text me.

4. Illness – we had several dancers out this week for illness. I’m appreciative of keeping dancers’ home when they are ill! I always post new work on our Band. Weeks where we just review, I may not post a video.

5. Skills – dancers are working on turns, splits and older dancers are working on leg holds. Ballet runs have been added to across the floor work, and grand jete’s (leaps) are improving weekly. SWAG tags earned this week were for Shuffle Ballchange and for dances learned. Some skill tags like splits, leg holds, cartwheels are not easily earned, and dancers may be frustrated but as I tell them often, every BODY is different and somethings are easier for some BODIES than others.

6. Coats – I’m adding some pushpins and hooks to the shelves in the hallway for coats. Last year dancers tended to throw their coats on the floor where they got stepped on. I thought this might be a better solution.

7. Room temperature – our room temperature can be a bit chilly in the winter if the boilers have not been on and the outside temperature is low. I have 2 space heaters which do a good job of warming up the room. Dancers are so active that they complain of being “hot” often. A sweater or sweatshirt they can peel off as they warm up is fine. Moms sometimes put an undershirt under a leotard which usually makes for a hot dancer. I often must remind dancers to put on their coats as they leave even when it’s cold outside!

8. I have 2 6 week classes beginning in November for Twinkle tots and Starlets. Both sessions are $47 for 6 weeks. Tell your friends! If they register and mention you, you’ll receive a surprise in the mail.


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