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Oct 31st Newsletter

Oct 31st VDS Newsletter

It was a great week! Lots of fun with Halloween music and dances, Classes reviewed dances, jumped over pumpkins and played the ball and spoon game. The Meters and Constellation classes learned they could leap over 6 plastic pumpkins in a row,. Our Twinkle Tots finished session 1. Some dancers wore Halloween costumes to class. Miss V passed out 500 candy bags to at the Fieldhouse Trick or Treat and saw several of our dancers there.

This week we begin a Session 2 of Twinkle Tots. We are welcoming several new students to these classes.

We will be using some new Dancely songs in our Starlets and Sparklers classes also. Comets, Meteors and Constellation will begin new ballet songs for holiday performance.

I am going to send home a triangle for each dancer to color with markers, crayons etc. When they bring these back we will use them to make a beautiful banner for our room,

Calendar update: We have been asked to perform at the Fez-tival of Trees on Sat. Nov. 20th. I think the time is 3pm but I will clarify and let you know. I’ll have more information by next weekends newsletter

I am still waiting to find out if we are performing at another care home this month.

Glass Services promised me they would hang the mirrors by Halloween. They didn’t. Hopefully soon.


1) Auto pay will run through on the 10th of November

2) Recital fee of $50 per student/ $70 per family is due Nov. 30th. To be clear a family with 1 dancer pays $50, a family with 2 or more dancers pays $70. Twinkle Tots does not pay this fee.

3) Costume deposit fee of $50 per dancer is due Dec. 15th.

Tuesday dancers: A heads up that this week Big Brothers/ Sisters will be having an event in the lower level from 6-8pm. This may make the parking lot fuller. Also, apparently Mutt School is meeting on a couple of Tuesdays to make up for Thanksgiving etc.

Wed dancers: A reminder that there will be no dance class on Wed Nov. 24th due to Thanksgiving. I normally go to my family on Thanksgiving in Omaha.


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