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October 9 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. Autopay will run on Oct. 10th.

2. Photo’s – what fun we had this week taking out October photos. I’ve posted them all on Band so that you may download, copy, post, print, whatever you want with them. My camera was acting up a bit so a few dancers didn’t get as many photos come out as others. Absent dancers will have their photo’s taken this week.

3. We are continuing to work on our Halloween routines, and I’m planning the Christmas ones as we’ve once again been invited to perform at the Mayor’s Christmas party on Dec. 11, 2-5pm.

4. NOTICE: In the studio policies it states that recital fee is due by Nov. 1st and Costume fees are due by Dec. 15th. Because costume prices are much more than I anticipated this year I’m going to charge the recital fee in February instead of November

This gets a little complicated so read carefully.

If I post a costume deposit and you pay it online, and the costumes are less it creates a big mess for me as I can’t adjust the price. So. I’m posting the deposit as a reminder but PLEASE DON’T PAY ONLINE. If you send a check, cash, or money order I will put it in the deposit account and after I’m certain of prices I’ll delete