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Recital update RE doors

Recital update RE doors

If you are able to walk use the glass door (same side of building as red door, just further west) will take you up the stairs to the theatre.

If you need the elevator use the red door. The chair lift is available to the right of the stairs you usually use. Open the door, enter the lift, close door and use down / up button to operate.

The Elevator is across the room just before the stairway to the right. Either Steve or Rodney will be operating the elevator.

I am handing out DVD order forms this week and emailed to the Monday dancers. I have hired Devin Frederking to film the recital. Pickup will be at my house in approximately 3 weeks. I’ll send an email when ready.

I am not selling flowers (or anything else) so if you want to bring your dancer flowers please do.


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