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Sept 18 Vivette’s Dance

1. Our first two weeks flew by! Dancers are settling into the space and excited to learn! Tags were earned for Pike stretch this week.

2. Starlets learned Stuffie Slide and began on Fishy Kisses in addition to across the floor activites

3. Sparklers learned plies, Fishy Kisses in ballet and 3 little witches in Tap plus all our basic steps

4. Comets 1 worked on Chaine turns, and Fishy Kisses song, and began Adams Family in tap

5. Comets 2 began to learn Candy makes me Silly in ballet, Shake Senora in jazz, and Spooky in tap plus one very excited dancer got her cartwheels

6. Meteors and Constellation are working on Pink Panther and Monster Mash

7. We will be performing these Halloween songs for our care home audiences in Oct and Nov. I realize that some dancers have permanent conflicts with weekend activities but its still fun to learn the dances in class time. More information on these performances as dates firm up.

8. National Dance Day was so very much fun on Sat the 17th. Dancers ages 3 to 12 decorated the poster hung up in the hallway and learned our variation of the National Dance Day choreography. The dance is choreographed by leaders in the field and each studio owner is encouraged to adapt to their dancers.

9. Photo’s and video’s from this week were posted on the Band app. To access you need to 1st download the free Band app, then join the 2022-23 Vivette’s Dance . Here is the invite code to use

10. We have a new online “store” to order things like t-shirts, hoodies, etc with the studio logo on it if you wish. The link is Everything is shipped directly to you

11. This is a bit of an odd year. We have opening in our 3-4 , 5-6 and 7-8 classes. I would very much appreciate if you would tell your friends about our studio who have children this age. I’m hearing that parents are hesitant to “sign up for activities” after the last few years but social activities of this kind are very important. Littles need to play, and move and get away from screens!


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