VDS Nov. 30th Newsletter

Nov 30th - Newsletter

HI All! Welcome back to the studio! My Thanksgiving was very quiet with just Mr. Sid and I. Lisette stayed in KC and ate with her room mates.

The new regulations do not seem to make any changes as the dance studio is classified as a school. Dancers may wear masks for class but I will not require it. Miss Sharon and I will continue as we have been, mask wearing, sanitizing etc.

1. Statements: attached to the physical copy of this newsletter is a printed statement for open amounts

2. COSTUME DEPOSIT: please don’t pay this electronically!!! I will be deleting and posting actual costs as I order costumes. Please send check with your dancer or in the mail. You may also let us know to use your card information to put money in your deposit area.

I post it as a reminder and a “place holder” . By the due date of Dec 31 I will have made the changes. If you pay electronically it makes things harder for me. So sorry if that’s confusing.

3. ZOOM When I was quarantined I set up each class as a recurring meeting for 7 or 8 weeks as I recognized that its likely that we will always have someone in quarantine. So, if your dancer has to dance at home, just let me know so that I can open that meeting,; you should have the log in information from the emails I sent out last week I know that Zoom is awkward but it’s better than having no classes. BTW our little dancer who was positive is well recovered and doing fine. We do have a 2nd dancer waiting on results but they have not been in studio since Nov. 12 so no worries.

4. Holiday closing. We will be closed the Weeks of Dec 21st and 28th, reopening for classes on Monday Jan 4th.

5. Our Elf Snowflake Sparkles will be returning to the studio soon! I’ll be taking photo’s so all can see her. She’s quite a sweet girl but a bit playful. She always brings a gift for each dancer under the tree.

6. I will be measuring those dancers I haven’t gotten yet. If your dancer is not in attendance I will ask you to measure and send me the measurements. I measure chest, waist (at the roundest) hips, and girth. Girth is the most important, shoulder through crotch and back up to shoulder. Most costume materials stretch around but not up and down so we need to be sure this is correct. Costumes are not “custom made” other than the ones I make and sometimes adjustments have to be made, so I measure loosely, rounding up to allow for growth. Guessing without measurements leads to problems.

Why do I make some costumes? Well sometimes I just have too. For example the Constellation Tap dance is “Orange Colored Sky”...I can’t find an orange costume in a price that meets our budget, so it will be a “Miss Vivette original.”.

7. Livestream week will be Dec. 14th.

8. Starlets: i’m sending home some items from our fun bags that are no longer being used. The dinner game was fun and can be used at home, plate is by dancer, food items at other end of space. Dancer moves (hops, skips, slides, tip toes, marches, etc) t0 get food items for their “dinner”.

9. Our “Upwrap Dance” campaign on Social Media will begin soon. . I would be so grateful if you could share those posts from our studio page to your page and instagrams. I really would like to open a couple of new classes for our 2nd semester!

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