Our Stars Shine Brightly!

We are a "g-rated" studio, with a focus on age appropriate class wear, costumes, music and choreography for children. Our adult classes are geared to the comfort level of the dancers.

We provide a sound foundation of dance basics so that any student wishing to continue in studio dance or school dance teams or cheerleading will be well prepared. 

We do a lot of community performances at care homes, fairs etc as we believe that dance is a performing art, not a competitive sport.  Covid restrictions have challenged this but when we can, we do!

We're a bit "old fashioned" and we like it that way. 


MONDAY classes will start in October. 

Monday 11:00-11:30     

*Twinkle Tots with Mom 2-4  7 week sessions A DancelyTM class**

Monday 4:30-5:15           

Sparklers 5-6 Ballet & Tap , with DancelyTM

Monday 5:15-5:45           

Starlets 3-4 Pre Ballet – a DancelyTM class

Monday 5:45-6:30           

Jazz        5-11


Tuesday 4:30-5:00           

*Twinkle tots with mom 2-4 7 week sessions – a DancelyTM class

Tueday 5:00-5:30             

Starlets 3-4 Pre-Ballet – a DancelyTM class

Tuesday 5:30-6:15           

Sparklers 5-6 Ballet & Tap , with DancelyTM

Tuesday 6:15-7:15           

Comets 1 7-8 Ballet & Tap

Tuesday 7:15-8:00           


Tuesday 8:00-9:00           

Adult Ballet


Wednesday 6:00-7:15    

Comets 2 7-9 Ballet, Tap, Jazz combo


Thursday 4:30-6:00         

Meteors 8-10 ballet, Tap, Jazz

Thursday 600-6:30           

Hip Hop

Thursday 6:30-8:00         

Constellation 9-13 ballet, Tap, Jazz

Thursday 8:00-9:00         

Adult Combo – jazz, Bollywood, Bellydance



Twinkle Tots Mon

Session 1 – 

Session 2- 

Session 3 – 

Session 4- 

Session 5- 


Twinkle Tots Tue

Session 1 – Sept 7-Oct 18

Session 2- Oct 25-Dec 6

Session 3- Jan 3-Feg 134

Session 4 – Feb 21- April 11

Session 5 – April 18-May 30


** DancelyTM is a program of specially written music created for the young dancer with easy to follow directions, fun songs and actions.

TUITION. The yearly tuition is broken into 9 equal installments. Each Installment fee is due the first class session of every month beginning in September and continuing through May. Late fees are applied after the 10th of the month. If a family is enrolling more than one dancer, the first dancer’s 's instruction is full price. Additional siblings receive an $8/mo. discount. The fee is the same for all months.  There is neither a reduction for “short months”, nor an increase for months with 5 lessons.

Our combination classes make it much less expensive for our members to take different styles of classes.

Installment fees are per month

30 minute class $30.00  

45 minute class $ 40.00,

60 minute class $45.00, 

90 minute class 60.00

TWINKLE TOTS - $54 for a 7 week session.