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This Page has been updated for 2023-24

​2023-24  Policies for Vivette’s Dance Studio

​​REGISTRATION IS DONE ONLINE THROUGH OUR WEBBSITE.  If you do not have access to a computer and are having trouble with your smart phone, please contact us and I will do it for you.  

I will also ask you to fill out a hard copy of our registration form so that I have access to information in case of power failure or other circumstances.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: $25.00 single student, $10 each additional student in family - covers studio year Sept 1 2023 – June 2024..  Session classes do not have a membership fee. 

​TUITION. The yearly tuition is broken into 9 equal installments. Each Installment fee is due the first class session of every month beginning in September and continuing through May. Late fees are applied after the 10th of the month. If a family is enrolling more than one dancer, the first dancer’s 's instruction is full price. Additional siblings receive an $5/mo. discount. The fee is the same for all months.  There is neither a reduction for “short months”, nor an increase for months with 5 lessons.

Our combination classes make it much less expensive for our members to take different styles of classes.

Installment fees are per month

30 minute class $31.00

45 minute class $ 41.50

60 minute class $52

90 minute class $62

​LATE FEE: There is a $20.00 late fee per month for tuition paid after the 10th of the month. Unpaid fees result in student not being allowed into class, expulsion from the recital, the inability to sign up for future classes, and your debt being turned over to a collections agency on June 1st.

​SESSION CLASSES - such as Twinkle Tots have a set fee. This fee is due on or before the 1st class meeting of the session. 

PAYMENT METHODS - All clients must be on autopay. I have a limited number of spaces available per class and must be able to guarantee a number of students per class for the season. All contracts are for one dance season – Sept 2023-June 2024   Each account must have on file either a credit/debit or checking account number. If fees are not paid by the 9th the fees will be paid through autopay to the account on file on the 10th. Declined cards will be subject to late fees. All payments may be brought to the studio during business hours, mailed in or paid through the Parent Portal.  Payments may be made by Credit card, check, or money order. Cash payments should be avoided as Miss Vivette does not have a secretary and does not wish to take time away from the dancers to deal with cash payments.

​WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASSES: You must give me written notice of your dancer’s withdrawal from classes 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the month.  A withdrawal from studio form is available. Not showing up anymore does not count.  If you do not notify me in writing, of your withdrawal, you will continue to be billed for classes for up to two months at which time I will remove you from our enrollment and turn the unpaid account over to collection.

 Termination of services by the parent/guardian must be done in writing and dated to avoid future billing, by filling out a withdrawal form.

DROP-OUT FEE - Students withdrawing from Vivette’s Dance Studio the 2nd semester (Jan. 1st- Recital) create problems for the other dancers as Ill as the teachers, as choreography must be changed to accommodate their absence. Therefore, a Drop-Out fee equal to a month's tuition for the number of classes dropped will be assessed to your account.​

RECITAL FEE - $60 single student/ + $20 additional student  is due by November 1st for those who want to participate (non-refundable after Jan. 1st). I do not sell tickets for our recital. Recital fee includes unlimited seating, recital t-shirt for student and end of year award.

RETURNED CHECK FEE - There will be a $35 charge on all returned checks as well as declined auto pay items.

​ABSENTEES, TARDIES: Roll will be taken at each lesson.  Please assist your child in having regular attendance so that they will not fall behind the rest of the class.   Your absence does not reduce our cost of doing business; there are no adjustments for missed lessons.

DRESS CODE: All dancers are expected to abide by the dress code for safety and instructional reasons. Disregard for the dress code on a continuing basis may result in a student not being admitted to class. 


WEBSITE: Studio website is Please check for newsletters, schedules, studio news etc.

Parent Portal – for Compudance is a free app for mobile applications that enables you to see your account on the go. Download from Google Play or Iphone apps

Band is a free app that we use to post video’s each week as well as notices and newsletters. Please download the app and join the 2023-24 Band. (Yes, you need to join a new band each year.)


STUDIO PHONE: 785-819-2925

STUDIO CLOSINGS: If USD 305 closes due to Weather, the studio will be closed also.  Other emergency closings announced by radio, phone, email, on the Website, Facebook, Band and Instagram.

If your contact information changes please remember to update it on the website.



HALLOWEEN: Tue Oct 31st. Tuesday classes will not meet so dancers can enjoy Halloween activities.

THANKSGIVING: Studio closed Nov 22- Nov. 25

CHRISTMAS: Studio closed Mon Dec 20- Mon  Jan 1. Reopening Tue Jan 2nd. NOTE: this is not the same as USD305 schedule

SPRING BREAKS: Studio Closed March 11-15




I will have a "Casual Winter Recital" on Sat. Dec. 16th in the studio, Spring Recital June 2 will be held in the 3rd floor theatre 

Our 49th annual recital will tentatively be held on Sunday June 2 to avoid conflicts with graduations, etc Our theme will be announced later in the year 

There is no admission charge for the recital, no tickets to buy.


Each student will be required to purchase one or more costumes for the recital. 

A charge will be posted to your account in November towards the actual cost of the costume.

You may prepay any amount to your costume deposit at any time. Costumes average $65 apiece


I try not to buy more than 2 recital costumes, a 3rd dance may be costumed from Wal-mart, Amazon or dancers own clothing. I look for bargains and sales to get the prettiest costumes for the dancers at the most reasonable prices for parents. I try to hold costs down for those who have multiple costumes though various means like rental costumes or creative costuming. I will make use of the dress code black leotard in many cases.

 After all costumes and accessories are ordered and received, you will either be billed for the remainder due if any or receive a credit on your account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost. I usually come very close to the deposit amount! I try very hard to keep costume costs reasonable, reusing and recycling when possible.

The costume deposit is due by Dec 15, 2023, you may pay the deposit in full or in payments.  Miss Vivette is suggesting that parents prepay a portion each month towards their costume deposit. 

A $15.00 per costume late fee will be assessed after that date. Miss Vivette does not have the funds to pay for your student’s costume. Costumes ordered late will also owe any shipping handling charges incurred for single orders.

Please budget accordingly so that ordering your dancers’ costumes in December is not an issue. Deadlines are important, if you do not order by the deadline, you risk not having your dancers costume for photos.

​Solo’ or duets s are available for students who would like to perform more. Students will rehearse weekly. Students will perform at recitals and outside performances. Solo and duet fees are priced by rehearsal $20 per half hour. A $50 choreography fee is charged when choreography is completed.  Usually, 6-8 rehearsals are needed to learn the choreography. 

DRESS CODE: All dancers are expected to abide by the dress code. The Dress Code was implemented for the dancer’s safety and education. You wouldn’t wear a swimsuit to basketball practice, you don’t Iar play clothes to dance class. Most items may be ordered through the dance studio or online from information provided by the studio.

All dancers - black leotard, pink or tan tights, optional black booty shorts or skirt, pink ballets, tan taps, tan jazz shoes. When all students have a black leotard I am able to costume our casual shows from our collection of skirts.

​All items may be ordered from the studio, discount and other sources

Hair:  Bun (preferred) braid or ponytail.  Loose hair is a safety hazard and a distraction to the dancer.  I will be happy to teach you how to make a simple bun. A ponytail whipped across the eyes by centrifugal force during a turn is painful and dangerous.

OTHER PERFORMANCES: In the past our have performed at many nursing homes, clubs, malls, and basketball games throughout the year. These performances are very important to the dancer's growth as a performer and also to the audience.  I expect the dancers to attend as many of these performances as possible. Last year we performed at the Mayor’s Christmas Party  in addition to care homes.

I use holiday themed music for our 1st semester dances. If you have religious objections to these songs please be aware that this is what I do.

Dancers usually perform Halloween themed dances at care homes in November.

Dancers usually perform their Christmas dances at several nursing homes in Dec. and early January.


Logo wear - I will take orders periodically for Studio shirts, jackets or other items.

Recital T-shirts are passed out to each student in the spring. All students receive a recital T-shirt as part of their recital fee.

The Temple is a historic building. Many businesses are located within the building.  Please do not wander around the building. Parents are welcome to sit at the tables outside of the studio unless a group is using the space. For example Mutt School is held on Thursday evenings. The exterior doors are kept locked for everyone’s safety.  Depending on the Boards decision we may be able to have the doors unlocked before each class for 10 minutes but that decision is up in the air at the moment. Please call 785-819-2925 and a runner will let you in. Vivette’s Dance Studio asks everyone to respect our building and the other business within it.

PARKING:  There is ample parking in the Temple lot. 

NO STREET SHOES IN THE STUDIOS PLEASE! They bring in dirt and sand, which is very unpleasant for the dancers, when they work on the floor.  There is a shoe rack in the hallway. If parents are sitting in the studio room I would appreciate you removing your shoes also.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: All students who complete the year of study will receive an achievement award. These achievement awards are a gift from me to my students as recognition of their hard work this year. Awards are usually passed out during the last class week

NOTICE: Vivette’s Dance Studio takes photos and videos of our dancers in the studio and at performances.  Vivette’s Dance Studio has the right to use these images for publicity and commercial purposes on our Website, Facebook, Instagram and social media,  newspaper ads and TV commercials.  No compensation will be given for the use of these images.  If you do not want us to use your dancer’s image you must notify us in writing. Please be sure to notify us if there is a situation where a child could be harmed by image exposure such as foster care, protection orders etc.  I take our students’ safety seriously.

ALLERGIES: if you choose to bring a treat for your child’s class for a birthday or something please make sure it is wrapped for the safety of all students. If your child has an allergy, please mark in on the forms.

MASKS: Miss Vivette is fully vaccinated. If I have a cold, I will wear a mask. If your dancer has a cold but is otherwise able to come to dance class, please have them wear a mask.

ALTERNATE LOCATIONS - In the event where I am  unable to hold classes in person at the dance studio alternate arrangements will be made. This could include but not limited to, outdoors, an alternate location, or online using a service like Zoom. Your contract is for dance classes not the location of the classes.

Any parent or child refusing to adhere to safety guidelines will not be allowed in the dance studio.

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