Community Performances

Dance is a performing art . We love to take our dancers out in the community so that they may perform. Dancing at care homes spreads joy to the residents and gets the young dancers used to performing as a normal part of their dance experience so that they are not nervous when it comes to recital.  

We perform at Halloween, Christmas and other occaisons. These are casual performances. The dancers wear their class uniforms with the addition of skirts that Miss Vivette provides to lend some excitement to the occaison.  Miss Vivette will often coach the young dancers as they transition from the classroom setting to the performance setting so that they are comfortable and having fun.  

An important part of the experience is when the dances go greet the audience after the performance to say  hello. 

Spring Recital 

Our Spring Recital is in May each year.  It is the culmination of our season. 

Our recital is held on one of the local stages to give the dancers a chance to star in a production. Beautiful costumes are purchased to enhance the experience.  

Miss Vivette will stand on the corner of the stage with the youngest dancers so that they may fully enjoy performing of their dances with no worries of forgetting. It is all about the dancers and their sense of comfort and having fun. Miss Vivette would rather have them see her than be looking around and feeling upset. 

Our older dancers enjoy sharing their skills. artistry and growth each year. Strong friendships are formed through dance, this sense of teamwork and joy is evident on their faces.

Our recitals are filmed by professional videographers so that you the parents may fully enjoy your program.

Starfeet Team​

Our Starfeet team members are dancers who love to dance and perform more.  They make a year long committment to their team. Rehearsals begin in the summer, continuing through out the year.  Starfeet team members perform monthly at carehomes, ball games and other community events.