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July 23 Newsletter

Here we go for the last full week of July!

Today is my 40th wedding anniversary. It was a day. 107, building didn’t get opened on time, flowers were wilting in the heat, best man was playing golf and almost forgot to come, one of my best friends was so pregnant she had to wear bedroom slippers, …. but those little obstacles didn’t stop us and neither have the ups and downs of these 40 years. Though all those years Sid has supported my love of teaching dance once saying that I was the only person he knew that would say “I get to go to work today!” My wish for all of you is that you have as great a relationship as I have had.

The website is working for registration, or you can let me know which class you prefer and I’ll tuck you in on my side. Just make sure that your information (phone, address, email, payment) is up to date.

My birthday is the 30th and I like to share my birthday fun so, everyone who is registered in a class on or by July 30 will be entered in a drawing for a free costume. If you have friends considering our studio let them know so they get registered in time.

I gave in and bought a new printer for the studio and will start making those SWAG tags soon. There was a little snafu at the Temple and the Wi-Fi spot that serves my room and the vets got eliminated but they are working on it. This years stuffies are ordered and I’m listening to new music. I’m excited to start to dance again.

Have a great week, enjoy the summer fun, stay hydrated and out of the sun!

Miss V.


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