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Dec 10 – Vivette’s Dance Newsletter


1.       Invoices – Invoices are set to run on the 10th, which is a Sunday, so they might not run through until Monday. 

2.       Performances – a delightful performance was given at Brookdale/Fairdale, including the premiere of Prayers for the World.  The “Wow” from a resident as the dancers finished this piece was perfect. This is a different style for the dancers, and we have talked about the emotions underlying the choreography. I didn’t get photos at good angles so please send me any you might have taken. I really appreciate that the dancers parents make  time in their busy schedules to bring the dancers to our performances.

3.       Winter Recital – this Sat. Dec 16h at 10:30 in the studio.  Dancers should arrive by 10:15. We will perform our fall and winter dances.  I am asking the Temple if we can use the lower lobby to have more room for seating.  I might need some help setting up and putting away chairs as Kristina has been down with the flu for 2 weeks. 

4.       Winter Break – we close for the last 2 weeks of December.  It’s a very busy time for school concerts, programs, family gathering etc and attendance is usually too low to be effective. 

5.       Miss V. I finally went to the doctor after a fall 3 weeks ago, and discovered I have a broken big toe on my right foot at the joint and my lower back muscles are “clenched”….so I’m wear a solid sole shoe and trying not to lift anything….the doctor was kind enough to remind me that “you aren’t 20 anymore”….gee, thanks..

6.       COSTUMES –

·         the Comets dancers have all 3 of their costumes in as I got some bargains.  I still need to add some accessories before adjusting the price.

·         The items ordered for Constellation ballet and Hip hop have come in, we will try them this Thursday to see if they work as less expensive options. I hope these dancers will be in attendance.


Winter Recital

1.       Unicorns – Sparkers                         ballet-orange/ black skirts ballet shoes

2.       Skeleton Dance – Comets              Ballet/ skeleton shirt ballet shoes

3.       Monster Boogie – Starlets-           orange skirts

4.       Everybody Scream – Sparklers – orange and black skirts tap shoes

5.       Mummy Rap – Comets Tap          zombie skirts, tap shoes.

6.       Prayers for the World - Meteors & Constellation : white dresses over your underliner,  headband, ballet shoes.

7.       Jammies  Comets:  , -                      Jammies or nightgown over leotard & tights. Ballet shoes,

8.       Little Red Sled :Sparklers :  -        Christmas skirts. Ballet shoes

9.       I love You Santa Claus -Starlets  Green skirts

10.   Kriss Cross Jinlge – Hip Hop/Pom – PJ pants

11.   Winter Wonderland Comets       white skirts, tap shoes.

12.   Let it Snow, Sparklers                     Christmas skirts, tap shoes

13.   Bows Gifts Trees Meteors & Constellation  ugly sweaters, or Christmas t-shirt, or something similar , tap shoes




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