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November12 VDS Newsletter

1. INVOICES: Invoices went through sometime between the 10th and 13th due to the Veterans Day Holiday. The costume invoices are not due till Dec. 15th but can be paid partially or in full at any time.

2. PERFORMANCES: Our performance on the 11th was a bit of a mess as the director hadn’t put us in the calendar, but the dancers that attended were delightful. Big Thank You to the parents in attendance for helping and coming out.

3. CLASSWORK: We’ve started new dances in the Starlets, Sparklers, Comets, and Hip-Hop classes. I try to post new work each week on Band in case a dancer is absent. Meteors and Constellation continue to work on the more difficult work I’ve set on them. These new dances will be performed at our Winter Recital and at care homes in January and February. Our fall dances now serve as skill work.

4. COSTUMES: I’ve measured all the dancers and am starting to work on the difficult task of choosing costumes to enhance our dances. The dresses for Prayers for the World have arrived and are very sweet and quite inexpensive! They will be reusable after recital. I usually don’t show my choices until they arrive because it sometimes happens that a line is cancelled after being ordered and I must choose a replacement and somehow people never like the replacement as well.

5. Calendar dates to remember

· Sat Nov. 18th 3:00-3:45 combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World – Meteors and Constellation- the parade of lights is same day and Santa Fe will be blocked off at 5:30 but we will be long gone so no problems.

· Wed / Thurs. Nov. 22-23 Closed for Thanksgiving.

· Sat Dec. 9 3:00-3:45 Combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World

· Sat Dec 16 – Winter Wonderland Recital – 10:30 am.

· Tue Dec 18- Jan 1 – Closed for Holiday Break

· Tue Jan 2 – Classes resume!


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