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Nov 26 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter


1.       Calendar dates to remember

·         Sat Dec. 9 

o   1:00 -1;45 TIME CHANGE!!! Combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World

o   3:00 PERFORMANCE: Winter songs: Brookdale on Fairdale – 2251 East Crawford Street, actually on Crawford across from Quik Trip; - wear black leo, pink tights, I will have skirts, for young ones. See performance note for other items.

·         Sat Dec 16 – Winter Wonderland Recital – 10:30 am.

·         Tue Dec 18- Jan 1 – Closed for Holiday Break

·         Tue Jan 2 – Classes resume!

Sat Jan 6 – care home performance


2.        COSTUME INVOICES:  For some reason costume invoices that were supposed to be due on Dec. 15th went through on Nov. 15th.  I’m not sure what happened because it sure looks like I had the dates set correctly.  Thank you for your understanding. I am in the process of choosing costumes now that I have chosen all the recital music.  Not all went through, so those invoices are still open. 

3.        I will be going to Omaha this weekend to visit my sister and her family, weather permitting.


4.       Our elf Snowflake Sparkles will be returning to the studio. She’s  very nice elf.


Winter Wonderland Dec 9

1.       Meteors & Constellatin : Ballet:Prayers for the World, - please wear the white dresses over your underliner, hair in low poinytail or braid, headband, ballet shoes.

2.       Comets:Ballet:  Get your Jammies on, - Jammies or nightgown over leotard & tights. Ballet shoes, hair in low ponytail or braid

3.       Sparklers : Little Red Sled, - I will have skirts. Ballet shoes

4.       Starlets  I love you Santa Claus – I will have red skirts, red hair bows

5.       Meteors & Constellation Tap: Bells Bows Gifts Trees – ugly sweaters, or Christmas t-shirt, or something similar , tap shoes

6.       Comets Tap: Winter Wonderland – I will have a skirt

7.       Spakrlers Tap: Let it Snow, tap shoes

8.       Hip Hop/Pom  – Kris Cross Jingle - - PJ pants -



Miss Vivette



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