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Dec 31 Vivette’s Dance


1.        HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish all my dancers and families a great new year. Let’s go 2024!


2.       CLASSES RESUME Tue Jan 2.  We will review our winter songs and begin our dances for our Spring recital.


3.       Many of the costumes have come in so we will be trying things on over our leotards.  I will not be releasing the costumes yet as I need to embellish some, alter some and steam some and add props and headpieces.  Some classes will have a 2nd costume fee.


4.       I am in need of wire hangers! (they fit better in the costume bags than plastic ones). The more expensive company sent costumes in bags this year, no hangers, no garment bags. I would greatly appreciate receiving any wire hangers you might have.


5.       INVOICES The Invoices will run through auto pay on Jan. 10th.  As always if this date needs to be altered, please give me 24 hours’ notice.  Printed statements will be attached to the printed copy passed out in class.


6.       PERFORMANCE: HOLIDAY RESORT 3PM. 2825 Resort Drive.  I am still playing phone tag with the activities director but I’m assuming that all is okay. We will perform the holiday dances so don’t pack away the jammies, sweaters, and t-shirts just yet.  We will probably perform these dances at least one other time at Johnstown date TBA. The residents don’t care that the holidays are past they just love it when we come to perform. It’s so good for the dancers too, by the time spring recital comes a performance is a usual thing for them not a brand-new experience.


7.       Spring Start classes – I will begin advertising for our spring start classes soon, so if you know of someone that would like to try a dance class, send them my way.


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