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November 5th Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. INVOICES: Invoices are attached to the physical copy of this newsletter. Invoices are set to go through on the 10th, which I’ve just realized is a bank holiday, so they will probably go through on Mon the 13th. As always if you have an issue with a date please let me know in time to change it.

2. PERFORMANCE: We had a delightful performance at Arbor Court on Saturday! I was so pleased with how many of the Meteors and Constellation showed up to demonstrate technical skills! Thank you parents for supporting your dancers by bringing them to these performances. Thank you also to Kim Holloway for sending me some photos! I got in the car after the performance and realized I hadn’t taken a single one! Each performance builds dancers confidence and brings joy to the residents.

3. WHAT ARE WE LEARNING NOW? Dancers will continue to review their fall dances as we begin work on our Winter Wonderland dances. Each dance builds on skills previously learned and introduces new ones.

Calendar dates to remember

Sat Nov 11th – performance – still waiting for confirmation!

Sat Nov. 18th 3:00-3:45 combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World – Meteors and Constellation

Wed / Thur Nov. 22-23 Closed for Thanksgiving.

Sat Dec. 9 3:00-3:45 Combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World

Sat Dec 16 – Winter Wonderland Recital – 10:30 am.

Tue Dec 18- Jan 1 – Closed for Holiday Break

Tue Jan 2 – Classes resume!

Costume information from the studio policies handout. 1st costume invoices of $65 are due by Dec 15th. If you’d like to make a partial payment you can give me a check or cash and I’ll apply that. Cash should be in a labeled envelope so I don’t make any mistakes.

“Each student will be required to purchase one or more costumes for the recital. A charge will be posted to your account in November towards the actual cost of the costume. Starlets and Sparklers will only have 1 costume

Costumes average $65 apiece. I try not to buy more than 2 recital costumes, a 3rd dance may be costumed from Wal-mart, Amazon or dancers own clothing. I look for bargains and sales to get the prettiest costumes for the dancers at the most reasonable prices for parents. I try to hold costs down for those who have multiple costumes though various means like creative costuming. I will make use of the dress code black leotard in many cases.

After all costumes and accessories are ordered and received, you will either be billed for the remainder due if any or receive a credit on your account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost. I usually come very close to the deposit amount! I try very hard to keep costume costs reasonable, reusing and recycling when possible.”

Miss Vivette does not have the funds to pay for your student’s costume, but we can work together to get it done.


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