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Jan 21 Newsletter


1.      INVOICES _ if there is an invoice attached to the printed newsletter it’s because your payment did not go through electronically. You can give me a check if that’s easier.


2.      SNOW DAYS: The Tuesday Sparklers have missed 2 weeks in a row due to snow days. I hate calling off classes, but the safety of our dancers is top priority. I am going to extend their class by 15 minutes for the next 4 weeks to make up 1 day. I think this will be easier than trying to find a day for a makeup class that would fit everyone’s schedule.



3.      COSTUMES – Sparkler costumes came in so if the weather cooperates, we will try them on this week. Look so cute in the bag! I am working on altering some of the hip hop costumes and the Constellation ballet costumes.

I will be adding up costume costs, with props etc and those that exceed the 1st payment of $65 will be posted as an additional charge most likely in February.


4.      RECITAL – Recital will be on Sunday, June 2nd at 2pm in the 3rd floor theatre at the Temple.


5.      RECITAL FEE - $60 single student/ + $20 additional student will be posted on March invoice. I do not sell tickets for our recital. The recital fee includes unlimited seating, recital t-shirt for students and end of year award. I must rent the theatre, print programs etc which is what the recital fee pays for.



6.      I am posting dance video’s weekly on Band, if a student misses they can see what we worked on.  I generally teach a section one week and review it the next. Not all of our songs are available on youtube or spotify, and some are edited so if you want a copy of the song let me know and I can email you a copy.


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