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June 5 – Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

Last newsletter for a while!

What a wonderful recital we had! I was so happy with the dancers! As I was going home I said I wish we could do it again tomorrow! It was just so much fun. On a personal level I was so happy that my knee held out and I was able to dance both my group and solo dances.

I was told by backstage help how kind the dancers were to each other, telling them “good job” and high fives as they came off the stage and helping each other with lineups and things like bows. Parents, you are raising kind children.

I did not take a single photo, so if you took some and would like to share I’d appreciate it. I didn’t even have my phone on me backstage! Just email me or put on Band. I’ve “stolen” a few from FB this morning.

Many years ago I had a dancers mom who would email me the day after recital with all the things she liked about the various dances, costuming, songs, etc I missed that when her daughter graduated! I’m including a link to a short survey if you’d like to share your likes with me.

This weekend I’ll be volunteering at the River Festival at the Lost and Found/Emergency Weather van. Come see me and let your children know that we are the “safe place” if they get lost. Put a wristband on your child with cellphone number in it, and keep your phone on vibrate, take a photo of what they are wearing. Teach them to “hug a tree” staying put if mom gets lost and say loudly “I need help” and stay there till a helper comes. Our group is identified by our neon yellow shirts with Amateur radio insignia.. Many people look for the police 1st but we’re actually faster because that’s our only job.

My knee replacement is June 12 so I’ll be out of touch for about a week. (I’ve learned not to answer emails while on pain meds!) If you have an open invoice please pay on line, I won’t be back in studio until mid July.

I’ll have the fall schedule ready for sign up in mid July. I mentally hold a place for this years dancers in next years schedule so if your dancer decides not to continue dance with us I appreciate knowing when those notices go our.

Have a great summer


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