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April 16 newsletter Vivette’s Dance

1. This is week 30 of our dance season! Time is flying as are the dancer’s feet!

2. Invoices went through autopay on the 10th. If you have an invoice attached to the physical copy of this newsletter it will not go through autopay automatically, you will need to pay directly through the portal or by check to me.

3. Costumes – I am sending home recital costumes this week. In the costume bag is a note that tells you everything you need to know about the costume, hair, makeup etc. Please read it. There are 2 dancers will account still owing but I will not hurt the children by not sending home costumes, please catch up as soon as possible.

4. Photo day – Saturday May 6 – attached to the physical copy of this note is the schedule. I will also post on Band and in the recital section of the website if you lose the note.

5. It’s that time of year when my brain is full! I think I have missed an adult t-shirt order. I’m getting messages from Band, text, FB messenger, Instagram and I think I have missed one. I’m still needing okay’s on a few shirt sizes and spellings. I hate making mistakes, but I’m just one person….

6. Performances: I’m playing phone tag with a couple places at time of typing this so watch for updated notices as I get them.

7. Summer: I will be taking the summer off to recover from a knee replacement on my left knee. Also, I think that the kids need to have summer to play, read, imagine and relax.

8. Fall – I plan to keep our schedule pretty much as it is, folding the Dazzler kids into regular classes. A few of our Constellation dancers are aging out this year. Some of our dancers may be moving up a group from Sparklers to Comets 1 or Comets 2 to Meteors that kind of thing. I plan to have the fall schedule up and available for registration beginning in mid-July. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. If your dancer is moving on to another activity, I understand but appreciate being told.

Calendar reminders:

1. May 6 – Photo Day

2. May 10 – last tuition through autopay

3. May 29 – Monday Memorial Day – Dazzler Ballet and Jazz do have classes,

4. May 29-June 1 – If theatre is available, we will go upstairs to let dancers see the stage and walk though some dances, schedules may be condensed so that I don’t have to stress my knee out going up and down so many times. (i.e.. Monday Dazzler Ballet and Jazz coming at same time, Tues Sparklers and Comets 1 coming at same time, Wed Starlets and Comets 2 coming at same time, Thur Meteors and Constellation coming at same time -) More information later.

5. June 4 – Recital 2pm 3rd floor theatre.

I will update with care home performances as I get information.


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