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Oct 29 VDS newsletter

November is here! I am so thankful for my dancers who bring me such joy.

1. Invoices – our 3rd tuition installment will run on Friday Nov. 10th. I still have some invoices open from this month. If you are struggling, please talk to me. I don’t like doing late fees but …

2. Halloween – we had a lot of fun during our Halloweek activities and finished all our fall dances. Photos are up on Band. You are most welcome to download your child’s pictures!

3. Our Winter in studio recital “Winter Wonderland” will be Sat Dec 16th 10:30 am. It will last about an hour. Our dancers will perform their Fall and Winter dances for you. We will perform these dances at care homes in Jan and Feb.

4. Costumes – I have begun measuring dancers for their spring costumes. I’m hearing from other dance teachers that shipping times are already into March in some cases! I will make sure to have all costumes ordered by the end of Dec. I’m keeping my eyes open for sales! Costume fees will be posted in December and January. Recital fees will be posted in March. You can always pay ahead by sending any amount by check or cash (please in an envelope marked with name!) to be put in your deposit. Regarding costume fees : I make an educated guess on the price then adjust after all shipping, accessories etc, then refund overpayments or post an adjusted price. Usually I can stay right at budget, but as we all know things are rapidly changing right now.

5. I found pretty little dresses for the combined Ballet for Meteors and Constellation, ordering from Shein so price will be under $20 and they will make nice nightgowns after recital! They will be worn over underliners (a skin tone leotard) and tights. Combined rehearsal for these classes will be Sat Nov 18th 3:00-3:45., and Sat Dec. 8th 3:00-3:45

6. 1st Performance: Sat Nov 4th 3pm Arbor Court Care home; Please arrive at 2:45. Classes performing are Starlets, Sparklers, Comets, Meteors and Constellation are not performing as they did not learn a Halloween Dance this year. Please see attached performance note. Also on Website, Band and Constant Contact.

7. Snow days : just thinking ahead….if I have to cancel classes for bad weather I will post on Band, send an email and try to text. Please check before coming out if we are having a blizzard. I know some of our dancers live “in the country” and driving may be hazardous.

Calendar dates to remember

Tue Oct 31 – closed for Halloween

Sat Nov. 4 - performance at Arbor Court 3:00, arrive 2:45

Sat Nov. 18th 3:00-3:45 combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World – Meteors and Constellation

Wed / Thur Nov. 22-23 Closed for Thanksgiving.

Sat Dec. 9 3:00-3:45 Combined rehearsal for Prayers for the World

Sat Dec 16 – Winter Wonderland Recital – 10:30 am.

Tue Dec 18- Jan 1 – Closed for Holiday Break

Tue Jan 2 – Classes resume!


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