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April 3 – Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter ‘To the Pointe!”

1. Thank you to those who spotted a forgotten name, an incorrect invoice and wrong t-shirt sizes last week. If that is all the corrections, I can move forward ordering the t-shirts, awards and finalize the program. All those little “bits’ take time and consideration and I appreciate your proofreading for me!

2. The costumes for the Dazzlers have arrived. I was careful to only order in stock items with little risk of not being shipped so yay! I hope to finish steaming costumes this week and plan on sending home next week. I have a few more headpieces to finish, and some snaps to attach. I was asked why I did this instead of having parents do it. I realize that my dancers’ parents have a lot on their plates right now and I can do this for them and not add stress. Accounts must be up to date please!

3. Recital seating: I don’t sell tickets, that’s part of your recital fee to be able to invite all your dancers special people. I do give the dancers some invitation tickets to give to their special people. Seating is general admission.

4. The Meteors class finished learning their jazz to Supergirl this week. Most of our groups will finish learning their dances in this week or the next leaving us lots of time to practice, clean, and feel confident.

5. My shoulder is healing but slowly, the dancers are being so patient with me not being able to fully demonstrate. In an odd way it might be good as it’s boosting their confidence a little not relying on me. Always a silver lining.

6. I’m realizing that I have a lot of cd’s that I no longer need. Most are children’s songs. I think that I will put them in a box in the hallway in the upcoming weeks and you can take what you want. If you want to donate to the Temple’s elevator fund that’s fine but not necessary. I’ll donate what’s left to a school.

7. Did you read the packet from last week? If your dancer needs an underliner or a black leotard, have you ordered that? Just a gentle reminder.

8. Shoes: It’s spring and like the flowers dancer’s feet grow. I have a few new shoes that I didn’t get sent back in time and some used ones. I plan to lay out the used ones this week so that you can see if we have some that fit. Over the years I have learned that sometimes kids’ feet grow incredibly fast in the spring and they aren’t being whiny, their shoes just don’t fit anymore.

9. I’m playing phone tag, but we will be performing at Arbor Court in April. I will of course avoid Easter weekend!

10. Remember that emails go out on Sunday so even if you get too many emails or never read your emails just check for this one or look on Band or on the website. Best I can do to get all the information to you.

11. Summer and Fall: I will not be teaching regular summer classes. I may do some pop-up fun things like a Princess party here and there but no regular classes. For Fall I will be keeping the schedule pretty much the same except for bringing the Dazzler dancers into their age groups. I’ll send out a “claim your space” notice so that you have 1st choice on your class before I accept new registrations. I love my small family-oriented studio and plan to keep it that way.

12. I thought about doing a survey but decided that I’d just say that if you have any compliments or complaints you can just write me a note. If you want to be anonymous, just put in an envelope and leave on the table near the seats, on my desk in the office area or mail to the Temple.


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