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Feb 20 VDS Newsletter

Feb 20th VDS Newsletter “to the Pointe”

1. Invoices – I will print and attach to the newsletter any open invoices. You may pay through the portal or give me a check. Please do not give me cash while I am teaching!

2. In March I will post the shipping charge for the costumes and tights which should be about $8.00, Constellation and Meteors have two pair of tights so their charge will be about $12.00

3. Valentine week – what a fun we had! I took photo’s of all the dancers and have been sending them in emails for parents to enjoy, post, whatever. Dancers enjoyed their cookie treats from me.

4. TUTU – TUESDAY!! This TUESday is 02-22-2022. Dancers may wear any tutu or old dance costume they may have just for extra fun. Don’t want the rest of the week to feel left out so Wed/thur dancers can dress out too if they wish.

5. Spring Classes – we are having very good response to our Spring classes. If you know someone who is interested in these classes please let them know to register soon as space is limited.

6. Salina311 – is a local only newspaper both print and online. Online is free, print is $10/ month for a weekly delivery. I am a business member. They are starting a rewards program where when you visit local businesses you can scan the QR code on a poster and get points. This should start in March. I will post the poster on the Bulletin board in the hallway so it will be easy to get your point each time you come to the studio. Points add up to rewards like gift cards, etc.

7. Several of the classes showed me that they know the 1st sections of their dances without any coaching from me. So proud of them!

8. Over spring break I will be creating the lists for the names on the back of the Recital shirts and the dancers end of year trophies., and the sizes for the shirts. PLEASE make sure to check these and correct me if I’ve misspelled any. I’ll post print copies on the studio door or hallway bulletin board as well as emailing.


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