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Feb 6 VDS Newsletter

Feb 6 VDS Newsletter “To the Pointe”

1. Autopay will run on February 10th. Statements sent home last week will show you what should be withdrawn. You can check to see if all ran correctly as some times credits and partial payments seem to “confuse” the system. Statements with due dates prior to Feb 10 will not run automatically. You can pay through the parent portal or send in a check. I am printing statements each month as some clients asked me to.

2. FOOD DRIVE: We are continuing to collect food for the Temple’s food drive this week. . I know it’s easy to forget so go stick a can in your dancers bag when you read this. There’s a prize attached to this food drive, money if Temple wins would go to the badly needed Elevator fund.

3. Last week the Sparklers class got to try on their costumes and were very happy little dancers! No new costumes have come in. I’m working finishing sewing on the Meteor’s jazz costumes.

4. This week I will introduce a new Valentine song to our younger dancers on Tuesday. It’s a fun one and I’m sure they will enjoy it.

5. We had to cancel our Wed classes for the snow day so will continue to extend the class time by 15 mnutes until we have made up the time. This way the dancers won’t feel “rushed” in learning our new work.

6. Bit of an odd question but does anyone have a telescope that I could borrow for set decoration for our pictures and recital.?

7. Recital is tentatively planned for Sunday June 5 in the afternoon. Contracts have not been signed yet so it’s a tentative date. I’m going to plan a later date for photo’s most likely 1st part of April to make sure all costumes are in. If you know of a conflict in April (1st communion, a wedding etc) please give to me in writing (email, etc) so that I can try to avoid it. I ask for things in writing because I am not an auditory learner…things told to me don’t always “stick”.

8. Did you know that business in the Temple include Henna designs, massage, accounting, security, guitar repair, piano and string lessons, counseling, photography and more? It’s a busy place.


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