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Jan 30 "To the Pointe"

Jan 30 VDS Newsletter “To the Poiinte”

1. Tomorrow, Monday I will be working on posting Feb charges and credits. Autopay will run on Feb. 10th . Credits and partial pay have been known to mess up autopay so you might check your account on the 12th and see if things went though correctly,

2. Attendance: Last week was an absolute joy with only two students missing the whole week. It was great to see everyone!

3. Food Drive : The Temple is participating in a food drive. If every dancer could bring a can or two that would be great! You can just put them on the table in the hallway. Our director Mary Landes, is trying to build a replica of the temple with canned good to win a prize.

4. All classes have now started their new dances for our spring recital “Stargazing”. So much fun! I am trying to video each dance and upload to Band for dancers to practice or just enjoy.

5. The Meteors and Constellation classes got to try on their ballet and tap costumes this week. Meteors have a “2 n 1” costume with 1 leotard and a ballet and tap skirt. I am sewing their jazz skirts

6. Constellation has a ballet costume and is borrowing jazz and tap from me.

7. Sparklers will try theirs on this Tuesday. They also have a 2 in one costume.

8. I had to cancel the Starlets order and choose another costume as their delivery date got pushed back to an uncomfortable date. This year is certainly different for me in dealing with costumes!

9. Tuesday dancers may want to bring a sweater or hoodie to class this week. Something they can take off when they get warm. I know the boilers will be turned on in anticipation of Wednesday’s temp drop but I don’t know when. The studio was chilly on Saturday when I was working.

10. In Alumni news this week, Katie Stanley-Lorson got married to Isreal Turner and Codi-Lynn Jones announced she is expecting a baby girl. #AlwaysVDS

January has been “Snow much fun” to decorate the studio for but February will be “lovely”. I enjoy doing it and the dancers seem to have fun spotting all the new decorations each month.


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