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March 6 VDS Newsletter

March 6 VDS newsletter – To The Pointe

1. INVOICES – March invoices will go through Autopay on March 10th. These invoices will include the March tuition, shipping/tights charge. For our new spring classes, the invoice will be the all-inclusive fee. If you need a different date, please let me know by the 8th so I have time to change it.

2. SPRING BREAK – we will be closed the week of March 13-19. During this time, I will work on the recital order, t-shirt design, trophy/award lists, add tights to costume bags, steam costumes, work on headpieces and props and have a laser surgery to improve my eyesight. I know several dancers have told me of their planned trips to the zoo and grandma and adventures, so I am hoping the weather co-operates and we all have a grand week.

3. COSTUMES - All the costumes are in. Starlets tried theirs on and they were darling! Comets had half their class missing this week so we just looked at them and will try on this week. It is always so exciting.

4. STUDIO PHONE NUMBER – Please make sure you have this number 785-819-2925 in your phone as the studio number. The door lock system is capricious and will sometime let in one person and not the next so just call if it is not opening and someone will let you in.

5. NEW CLASS our DAZZLER BALLET and JAZZ classes are welcoming 8 new dancers to our studio family on March 21st. I will be measuring those dancers for recital costumes on our 1st day as supply chain issues are huge this year.

6. I am so excited and proud of the growth our dancers are showing as we work on our recital dances and technique. The Constellations class has been working on a Rolling Time Step and Maxiford turns in tap and Saute Fouette in ballet, all quite difficult steps and they are getting it. Each age group has some challenging work and their joy when they get it lights up the room. Teaching our children that they can do hard things if they keep working at it is important.


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