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Nov 7th VDS Newsletter

Calendar update:

Please add Sunday Dec. 5 to calendar. We have been asked to perform at City Christmas Party at Tony’s Event Center. Time TBA.

Sat Nov. 20th at FEZtival of Trees- 3pm 200 East Diamond Drive. Each dancer will receive 1 parent ticket for free. You’ll need to purchase if more adults are coming. Masks are not required but organizer tells me it will be pretty crowded so use your judgement! Raffle tickets will be sold for chance to win decorated trees.

For both of these events dancers other than Twinkle Tots will wear black leotard, pink tights. I have skirts for them to wear. Twinkle Tots will wear their class uniform of lavender or black leotard.

Songs we are learning:

Twinkle Tots: TBA

Starlets: I Love You Santa Claus

Sparklers: It’s beginning to look like Christmas (Ballet), Rudolph (Tap)

Comets: Little Sugar Plum Fairy (Ballet), Marshmallow World (Tap)

Meteors and Constellation: Dance with me Santa (tap) Oh Holy Night (Ballet)

Show order for both: We will perform all the ballets first, then all the taps. Please put your dancers name in each shoe. While I remind them off your foot and into your bag, programs like this are where mix ups happen! A sharpie works great inside ballet shoes and just next to the heel on the outside of the tap shoe.

1. Oh Holy Night

2. Sugar Plum Fairy

3. It’s Beginning to look like Christmas

4. I love You Santa Claus

5. Dance with me Santa

6. Marshmallow World

7. Rudolph

We are welcoming some new students to our classes again this week. So happy to have you join our dance family.

Some of the new DancelyTM songs we are dancing to include Hot Dog Party, Videogame Extravaganza Snowman Shuffle and Snow Angel. Stuffie Slide and Puppy Dog parade remain favorites!

A reminder to parents who are watching from the side that your child needs to be focused on me and our activity. Every time you say something to them it pulls their attention from me to you and they have to regroup mentally so, please let me “be the boss”. My teaching style is to reward positive behavior rather than negative so you’ll notice me saying things like “Great job standing up in your spot _______” while not mentioning the dancer who has sat down. This usually causes the sitting dancer to get up to get their compliment too.

Heat: We are still dealing with the no heat issue. This week will be warm so shouldn’t be a problem. I have ordered a room sized space heater that will be here Wednesday. Dancers are free to wear a sweater or sweatshirt that they can remove when they warm up. Kids tend to run hot when they are moving so they warm up pretty quickly! The Temple board is working on permanent solution.

Facebook/ Instagram etc. I so appreciate the likes, loves and comments on my posts. The algorithms increase viewing when there are more interactions and decrease when there are fewer so keep it up!

If you haven’t’ found us yet it’s simply Vivette’s Dance Studio on FB and Insta. I’m not on Tic Tok, deleted if after reading of data mining issues.

I will begin measuring dancers for our spring recital costumes. I always add an inch or two to allow for growth. I’m sticking to in stock costumes so as to avoid supply chain issues, and looking for sales, deals and clearance to keep our expenses low. I want the dancers to feel amazing but not kill your wallets!


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