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Oct 25th Newsletter

Oct 25 Newsletter

Accounting: I got behind on a few things the week I was sick. I’m slowly catching up on them. All accounts have been credited for classes missed on the days I was sick. These credits will be applied to November statements or if you wish to recital deposit. Let me know if you wish recital deposit.

Accounts that need dates adjusted, etc will be dealt with this week.

Website. I have realized that there is some confusion regarding the Facebook page and the studio website and clients are not locating information they need. The website is

I am now posting the newsletter to the website. Click on the newsletter link. This should give everyone access to information more easily. I’m also going to try to put up a bulletin board in the hallway where I can post a printed copy of the newsletter each week. Just covering all the bases. I’m having trouble with my computer seeing the printer so printing send home copies for everyone is difficult and not very “green”.

Emergency closings: I will send emails through the Compudance system which uses the email you used when you set up your account. I will post on the Facebook page, on the website, and in case of weather closings, I will try to have the radio stations include on their closing list.

Arbor Court Program: The dancers were delightful and I hope you took them all out for ice cream or a treat because they deserved it! I posted some photos from Ashley Birkholz on the Facebook page and will add as I receive others from you. I simply can’t do pictures and music and coach the dancers at these programs. Email me at or tag me on FB. It’s fine to friend me if you wish.

We hope to be able to go to one of the Brookdale homes in November. More later, awaiting clearance and confirmation. They have assisted living clients so rules are a bit different.

HALLOWEEK - This will be a review week for dancers as well as a fun time with some extra games and fun activities. Dances MAY wear a former dance costumes, dress up or Halloween costume if you wish but they must be able to move in it or its no fun. I remember with shudders a great Spongebob Squarepants who could barely walk, certainly not dance and was very unhappy,

TWINKLE TOTS: This is the last week of Session 1. To continue please register for Session 2. I have some new funs songs and dances to bring to the class! 7 week session $54.00 The fee will be posted after class begins to go through the Nov, 10 autopay. I’ve seen some great growth with my session 1 kiddo’s and hope they all continue!



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