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Oct 30 Newsletter Vivette’s Dance

1. Nov Invoices. If my printers were working attached to the physical copy of this newsletter are the invoices for up through November. Autopay will run on Nov. 10th. If you have open invoices for October I would appreciate prompt payment! I’ve been fighting with home speedy computer for a bit, and slow studio one simply couldn’t find the internet on Sat. Technology is lovely when it works.

2. Costume deposit invoices – reminder to not pay these on line as it really messes things up as I’m just “guesstimating’ and will change these amounts to actual amounts as I order. Checks will be credited to your “deposit” category which I will use to pay costume items as ordered.

3. Our Holiday show will be this weekend on Sat Nov. 5th at Arbor Court at 3pm. Please arrive by 2:45,

1. Dancers hair should be in bun, braids or ponytail. No makeup necessary. Cute hair bows are fine.

2. Black leotard, pink tights for Sparklers, Comets 1 and2, tan tights for Meteors and Constellation.

3. Meteors and Constellation need to bring pink t-shirt for Pink Panther, I have the ears.

I will have skirts and accessories laid out for dancers to wear, please put back on table after performance is over. Program will last about 30 minutes. Kids will line up and greet residents after performance. I am playing phone tag with Holiday Resort for a performance on another day. .I think one of our dancers has a relative there. Be sure to let me know if you’d like us to perform somewhere specific.

All dancers will do their ballet dances 1st then change to tap shoes.

1. Fishy Kisses – Sparklers and Comets 1

2. Monster Boogie – Sparklers

3. Trick or Treat - Sparkler

4. Punky Punkin Comets 1

5. Candy Makes Me Silly Comets 2

6. Pink Panther Meteors and Constellation

7. 3 Little Witches Sparklers

8. Adams Family Comets 1

9. Spooky Comets 2

10. Monster Mash Meteors and Constellation

11. Halloween Dance All Dancers

4. Dancers will begin working on our short Christmas dances to perform at the Mayor’s Christmas Party and other places this week.

5. Thanksgiving break: classes will not meet on Wednesday November 23rd or Thursday November 24th. My daughter Lisette is coming from Lenexa and I’m excited to spend a little time with her.

6 We rarely get trick or treaters anymore so if you want to stop by my house 700 S. 10th, you’ll save me from eating all the leftover candy.


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