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October 13th Newsletter

Oct 17 Newsletter

I’m feeling much better, back to normal by Friday! I hope everyone got the emails and texts on Mon and Tue about classes being cancelled. Not the way I wanted to try out the system this season! I missed sending out the newsletter sorry.

I’ll be applying credits for the missed classes. How a credit works is that an amount is put in the “deposit” part of your account. Any invoices on your account show up in a pink band for me and I know to apply that credit to any existing invoice before the next auto pay goes through.

1. Statements: My computer is refusing to “see” my fast printer so I can’t print statements right now. Auto pay went through on the 10th. I’ll send an email invoice for any that didn’t go through. Please check your account to make sure your numbers are correct. You can also pay directly from the portal if it didn’t go through.

2. We have our 1st performance of this year this Saturday at Arbor Court 1001 Schippel Drive (just off Ohio near the Bank IV building) The performance is at 3:00. Please arrive at 2:45 so that I can get skirts on dancers and line them up.

This is an “opt out”...I assume everyone is coming unless you tell me no.

Dancers other than Twinkle Tots are to wear a black leotard and pink tights. Twinkle tots wear their lavender.

We will have tried on skirts at class so they will know which ones they are borrowing,.

Hair should be in a bun or pony tail. You may put a cute Halloween hair accessory if you wish


Masks are necessary as the residents may be more medically fragile.

Please sit to the back or at the sides leaving the front seating for the residents.

Please take photos and video. I’m a one woman show and I will be coaching the dancers to help them feel comfortable.

. Performance order

1. I want Candy - Meteors and Constellation Ballet - Anabelle, Khloe, Rena

2. Stufflie Slide - Twinkle Tots, Starlets, Sparklers - Bring your stuffie!

3. Move Your Body - Twinkle Tots, Starlets, Sparkers

4. Pizza Palooza - Sparklers

5. Unique Unicorns - Comets - Ava, Addison, Imogen