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October 13th Newsletter

Oct 17 Newsletter

I’m feeling much better, back to normal by Friday! I hope everyone got the emails and texts on Mon and Tue about classes being cancelled. Not the way I wanted to try out the system this season! I missed sending out the newsletter sorry.

I’ll be applying credits for the missed classes. How a credit works is that an amount is put in the “deposit” part of your account. Any invoices on your account show up in a pink band for me and I know to apply that credit to any existing invoice before the next auto pay goes through.

1. Statements: My computer is refusing to “see” my fast printer so I can’t print statements right now. Auto pay went through on the 10th. I’ll send an email invoice for any that didn’t go through. Please check your account to make sure your numbers are correct. You can also pay directly from the portal if it didn’t go through.

2. We have our 1st performance of this year this Saturday at Arbor Court 1001 Schippel Drive (just off Ohio near the Bank IV building) The performance is at 3:00. Please arrive at 2:45 so that I can get skirts on dancers and line them up.

This is an “opt out”...I assume everyone is coming unless you tell me no.

Dancers other than Twinkle Tots are to wear a black leotard and pink tights. Twinkle tots wear their lavender.

We will have tried on skirts at class so they will know which ones they are borrowing,.

Hair should be in a bun or pony tail. You may put a cute Halloween hair accessory if you wish


Masks are necessary as the residents may be more medically fragile.

Please sit to the back or at the sides leaving the front seating for the residents.

Please take photos and video. I’m a one woman show and I will be coaching the dancers to help them feel comfortable.

. Performance order

1. I want Candy - Meteors and Constellation Ballet - Anabelle, Khloe, Rena

2. Stufflie Slide - Twinkle Tots, Starlets, Sparklers - Bring your stuffie!

3. Move Your Body - Twinkle Tots, Starlets, Sparkers

4. Pizza Palooza - Sparklers

5. Unique Unicorns - Comets - Ava, Addison, Imogen

6. Super Girl - Meteors Jazz (partial dance) Jazlyn, Lexi, Zoe

7. Beauty and a Beat - Hip Hop (partial dance) Jazlynn, Anabelle

8. Better When I’m Dancing - Constellation (partial dance) Anabelle, Khloe, Rena

9. Boogie Swing (partial dance) - Comets, Meteors, Constellation - carpeted so we won’t wear tap shoes this time.

10. Halloween Dance - Everyone

After we dance we line up to greet our guests by shaking hands with them.

Our performance will take about 45min from start to handshaking, I know there are lots of activities this weekend so I really hope all the dancers can come. I will have Swag tags and suckers for after.

3 I will be passing out treats at the City Halloween Party on Oct 30 - 1-4 pm at the Salina Fieldhouse. This is a free event for kids - they’ll trick or treat from businesses like me and then have some carnival games to play and bounce houses. Sounds like fun!

4. Session 2 of Twinkle Tots begins on Nov 1st and 2nd! New songs and old favorites. Ages 2-3, Mommy optional - means that Mommy may participate, sit quietly at the side or drop and go depending on your child. Register on line at the parent portal 54 for 7 week session. If you were in session 1 you need to sign up for session 2 as they are separate sessions in the Compudance system.

5. This week 3 of my alumni announced their engagements and 1 pregnancy, such a happy week! . #AlwaysVDS

6. Thinking ahead we will be closed for Thanksgiving Wed Nov 24- Sunday Nov 2 for Thanksgiving.


RECITAL FEE: Unlike other studios we do not sell tickets for our recital. Most charge $10 a ticket. However, there are expenses in putting on a recital that must be paid outside of tuition. So, I charge a recital fee of $50 for a single student or $70 for a family of more than 1 student. This includes unlimited recital guests, a recital t-shirt for each dancer and an end of year trophy. This fee is due November 30th.


Each student will be required to purchase one or more costumes for the recital.

A charge will be posted to your account in November towards the actual cost of the costume. As I’m looking at the books I see that prices have increased a lot. I’m going to be as creative as I can, using multi use costumes, and creativity. I’ve told the older dancers that we may not have as many different costumes this year but that we would be fun and fancy.

You may prepay any amount to your costume deposit at any time. Just give me a check marked costumes. Costumes average $50 apiece. We try not to buy more than 2 recital costumes, a 3rd dance may be costumed from Wal-mart, or dancers own clothing. Miss Vivette looks for bargains and sales to get the prettiest costumes for the dancers at the most reasonable prices for parents. We try to hold costs down for those who have multiple costumes though various means like creative costuming.

After all costumes and accessories are ordered and received, you will either be billed for the remainder due if any, or receive a credit on your account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost

The costume deposit of $50 per dancer is due by Dec 15, 2021. You may pay the deposit in full or in payments. I know it’s Christmas and I’m really trying to keep it down but I have to pay for the costumes when I order them.


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