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Sept 11 2022 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1 What a great 1st week we had! Some tech issues with music but really didn’t need for the 1st week so all was good. Problem solved now.

2 I took photo’s of each dancer and posted on the band app. To access you need to 1st download the free Band app, then join the 2022-23 Vivette’s Dance . Here is the invite code to use

3 We have a new online “store” to order things like t-shirts, hoodies, etc with the studio logo on it if you wish. The link is Everything is shipped directly to you.

4 The 1st tuition installments ran on autopay on Sept. 10th. A few did not go through successfully, several for “accounts not set up correctly”. So please check your information in the parent portal. Expiration dates change, CVC, etc. If it did not run through it will not automatically try again. You need to either tell me a date to reset or go on line and pay directly. I do accept cash and checks but that takes my time away from the children to write you a receipt etc. If you have printed invoices attached to this note your autopay did not go through as of Sunday when I printed this.

5 National Dance Day Party – on Sat Sept 17th 10-30-12 we will have a party for our dance members celebrating National Dance Day. We will learn the National Dance Day dance, do some crafts, and have fun. Dancers should wear dance clothing, ballet or jazz shoes or socks. RSVP here

6 We have room in our Starlets, Sparklers and Comets 1 classes on Tuesdays. So, tell your friends about the fun!


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