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Sept 25 – VDS Newsletter

1. Last week of September! Where did the time go? Our 3rd week was full of fun and perfect attendance! Tags were earned for learning Releve and Pas de Chat.

2. Halloween Performances: All classes are now working on dances for our Halloween performances. Our 1st scheduled performance is Saturday, November 5th 3:pm at Arbor Court home 1001 Schippel Drive, just off Ohio by the Bank IV building. More information closer to time but put on your calendar. I know we have a couple of birthday’s on that day or close so hoping all dancers can come. Meteors and Constellation will need any pink t-shirt on that day, preferably plain for the Pink Panther Ballet.

3. I posted video’s of just about every dance on the Band app. To access you need to 1st download the free Band app, then join the 2022-23 Vivette’s Dance . Here is the invite code to use

4. I’ve posted Oct charges that will run through autopay on Oct. 10th. Invoices are attached. I had credits to apply to two accounts from having sold shoes, these will show on your invoices.

5. All shoes ordered have arrived. I’ll be sending back the unsold items this week.

6. Parking lot on Wed Sept 28th: The Clydesdale horses will end their trek down Santa Fe in our parking lot. They are scheduled to arrive between 7 and 8. I think it will be later but Comets 2 parents be aware that half our lot will be taken up again. If anyone wants a chance to come see them, just come hang out, Temple people will ask if you are studio as you enter the lot.

7. I’ve been thinking and talking about with the dancers some non-traditional costumes for some of our spring recital dances as sequins, feathers and tutu’s just don’t make sense if the song is about surfing. So…. If your dancer is talking about wearing a swim suit or jean shorts etc, don’t panic… I’ll send home written notes if I need you to provide something for costuming. Prices are up, supply chain still weird so some non-costume costuming may be great. That’s the advantage of being a boutique studio, we don’t have to be like everyone else!



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